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Innovative ABA therapy, exclusively with Board Certified Behavior Analysts.

Our level of care is unmatched.

One on one therapy, only with BCBAs.

At BTEC, all clinical ABA therapy services are provided exclusively by our team of Masters level Board Certified Behavior Analysts. Unlike typical ABA programs, we do not allow “behavior techs” (RBTs) with minimal training and education requirements to work with our families or join our staff.

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Behavior Analysts

Meet our dedicated team of BCBAs with a combined century of experience helping children affected by autism reach their potential.


What is ABA therapy? Is it effective? Does my child qualify for ABA therapy? These frequently asked questions and more, answered here.

Contact Us

Whether you’re interested in getting your child services or becoming a team member yourself, you can reach us at any time here.

Over 100 years of BCBA experience.

Our practitioners collaborate to bring their diverse and extensive experience to each and every client.


Our client’s programs focus on:

  • Reduction of problem behaviors
  • Verbal behavior and language development​
  • Acquisition of appropriate social skills
  • Independent living and safety skills
  • Training and empowering parents to become active participants in their child’s development

BTEC Office Locations


Perdido Key ~ NAS at 12385 Sorrento Rd., Suite C-3

Plantation ~ North Pensacola at 7100 Plantation Rd, Suite 9


Hurlburt ~ Navarre at 151 Mary Esther Blvd. Suite 311

Eglin ~ Shalimar at 1186 Elgin Pkwy.


Contact BTEC Behavioral Therapy

Phone: (850) 483-1508

FAX: (850) 435-7704

Office hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM from Monday to Friday.

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