BTEC Behavioral Therapy, Inc. - ABA Therapy for Children Affected by Autism
Helpful Links
Check out these links for some additional information and resources!
Autism Speaks:
Autism Pensacola:
Behavior Analyst Certification Board:
Emerald Coast Autism Society:
Operation Autism - Information for families in the US military with children affected by ASD and related disabilities:
Hope for Hire:

My Autism Team ~ Message board for families affected by ASD:
Association for Science in Autism Treatment:
Healing Thresholds ~ Connecting Community and Science to Heal Autism: 
American Military Families Autism Support:
The Top 10 Reasons Children with Autism Deserve ABA:
Reducing Problem Behaviors Through Communication - article in Autism Pensacola's Winter Newsletter (page 6) written by BTEC's Owner/Clinical Director, Lauri Turner, MA, BCBA : Support and advice regarding development of IEP's for parents, educators and professionals.
Autism: Seven Critical Tips Every Parent Needs to Know from Dr. Bob Sears, MD ~ Dr. Sears Wellness Institute

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